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Sick Skunk

Hobkin has an upset tummy. His appetite is way down, and he's feeling sorry for himself, alternating between being stompy and short tempered, to needing cuddles NOW.

Here he is wrapped up in blankies with a decidedly unhappy look about him

Poor little guy. He hasn't sicked up, but from examining his litter box, all is definitely not well. Been feeding him bread soaked in Pepto Bismol and extra plain yogurt. He's not dehydrated, which is always my first concern, especially since he doesn't drink, so we haven't called the vet. And he's still eating, just not a lot.

I do have to wonder, considering how close this happened to my feeling under the weather if we're passing around some flu thing.

Writing Stuff

Finally sent in my guest application to Dragon*Con. So much for my good intentions to get it done bright and early. But hey, at least it's before the deadline.

Received 7 more crits from Critters. (Including yours, nmsunbear and aimeempayne. Thank you!!) The tale continues to be fairly well received. There are exceptions, of course, like the guy who started off his critique "I'm not sure if you were going for a kids market with this story." Makes me wonder how much of it he actually read, since I state quite clearly in my author's notes that this is intended for younger readers. Oh well. Can't please everyone.

Words: 1180 on A Harmony of Foxes. Hit a productive patch for a while there. And hey, I'm past the one-quarter mark.

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12,037 / 45,000

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