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The lymph swellings are better, I think, although still tender. I was worried it was going to turn into an ear infection, and with COBRA still up in the air, I was just praying it wouldn't turn into a fever.

Writing Stuff

Got an odd query from someone via my Tangent email. From what I could tell, they wanted to sent me a story for publication (?) and wanted me to snail mail something back to them (they said "your information"). Wha? We don't publish fiction, nor do we review unpublished stories. And I remain unclear as to what exactly they expected me to mail back to them. Weird. Obviously, someone who had no clue.

My current folktale is up at Critters. So far, ten crits. *gurgle* It's been mostly well-received. The obligatory "this is written too sophisticated for younger readers" crit came in already, but that's nothing new.

19-day "well received but . . . " from Abyss & Apex
191-day "quite some discussion on this one, and it's not without support but . . ." from Andy at Interzone with invite to submit more.

Words: 809 on A Harmony of Foxes.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
10,858 / 45,000

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