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Entry whatever. Who's counting?

Okay, so it's been--what?--a week since I updated this. In that time, I've just about fully recovered from the whatever that hit my system and knocked me out for the count. I hate being sick. And I hate that weak, wobbly feeling I get after doing nothing but lie on the bed or the couch for days on end. But, that's over and done with. Hurray!

To celebrate, Matthew and I had a caloriefest/moviefest last night. Sushi for dinner, brownies and ice cream camped out in front of the big screen for dessert, and coffee with ice cream in it for after hours. Mmmm. I can't believe we ate nearly a whole half gallon of ice cream between the two of us.

We watched "Sabrina"--the 1995 one with Julia Ormond and Harrison Ford--and "American Beauty." 1999 was a truly amazing year for movies. What the hell happened? 2000 was so lame. Anyway, "American Beauty" is just an amazing movie. We saw it when it came out amidst the slew of other 1999 films and it holds up well to repeated viewing. I wish I could write like Alan Ball, drool.

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