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A Tale of Two Interviews

Prepping for the job interview. Trying not to get myself stressed and anxious, but it's deep into the inevitably on that front. I haven't had to do an interview in over a decade. *twitch*

Writing Stuff

On a much more enjoyable note, I did the Apex interview yesterday. The questions ranged from meaty to light, and included one about Hobkin. I'm quite looking forward to seeing the finished publication.

The person in my writers group that I sent the Greek translation of "Manny" to has read it, and assures me it's very faithful in tone and text to the English. There was one mis-translation he found, "teal" got translated to "tea-colored," but all in all, it sounds like their translator did an exemplary job. Whew and woo! Definitely hoping 9 continues to buy things from me.

Words: Two passes on the folktale and completed the ending which I had been unsatisfied with before. Foisting it upon Matthew, then probably will send it up to Critters to get hacked apart. Then it goes out post haste to Cricket. I'm seriously considering skipping the Critters step this time around, but remain undecided.

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