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Job Interview. Those racy Greeks

Got a job interview tomorrow. It's for a company that specializes in staffing tech positions. It seems to be a cross between a temp agency and a head hunter from what I can tell, but solely for IT work. The job they want me for has full benefits. It starts out as a three month contract with potential to become permanent. The thing is, the hours reek--10AM to 7PM Monday thru Friday. Seven? I wouldn't get home until 7:30 at the earliest and probably closer to 8! And the pay is a lot less than what I was pulling in at my previous job. On an up note, it's for a web content editor position, which is cool since I'm definitely interested in moving my career in that direction. But I'm not happy with the hours and pay cut. Plus it would involve a daily commute downtown. Yuck yuck yuck. We'll see how the interview goes tomorrow. But I'm not exactly gagging for this position. At least I'm getting calls, though.

Writing Stuff

Received my contrib. copies of my reprint in the Greek publication, 9. And yep, can't read a word of it. Although I was able to identify my story by my byline. It's a very nice publication--glossy full color cover, high production values, gorgeous interior artwork. I'm extremely pleased with it. I've scanned in my story and created a PDF out of it, and emailed it to someone in one of my writers groups who lives in Greece (and obviously, can read Greek). I'm curious to see how close the translation is to the original English version.

9 is pretty racy as publications go. It's the weekly "Comics and SF supplement" that goes with the newspaper, and the comics are of the variety you'd expect in Heavy Metal. Of course, I can't read the storylines, but there are naked breasts and asses depicted in full, comic booky color. And check out the cover:

Pretty ribald, huh?

Words: 505 on the novel WIP. Still no working title, argh.

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