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Taxes and Polish SALE!

We put the finishing touches on our taxes yesterday. The only thing left are the envelopes and stamps. Whew. And we're getting a refund. Not as big as refunds in past years, but still, a helluva lot better than having to pay.

To celebrate, we mixed up some more gin drinks--Matthew thinks they're closer to being gin & tonics than Tom Collinses. They're a jigger of gin, a jigger of lime, a sprinkle of sweetener, tonic water to taste, and lotso ice. Whatever. Yum. Anyway, we put on Interview with a Vampire, popped some corn, and I got nicely toasted.

Writing Stuff

12-day SALE to Nowa Fantastyka! I sold a Polish reprint of "All in My Mind"! The editor also said that he really liked my work and asked me to send him several of my stories. If he likes them, he's going to bundle a contract for multiple works. Another sale to a venue that publishes in a language I can't read. Woohoo!

Finished up the "author's notes" that my Cricket editor requested. It's going out in the mail today.

Also assembled a care package for jackzodiac for his Make a Wish Foundation Charity Auction at Mobicon (it's going out in today's mail too, Davey!).
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