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Final Wonderfalls and Cricket SALE!

Received the third DVD of the Wonderfalls set from Netflix, mixed up a couple Tom Collinses, popped some corn, and watched the last five episodes yesterday. Being flayed with butter knives is too good for the Fox execs. Wah! But I'm glad the writers had time to wrap up the season on a good ending note. Still, it sucks that there's all this crap on TV and they cancel shows like Wonderfalls. Ptoo.

Got tipsy on gin, which is pretty decent therapy too, although not one I plan to engage in on a regular basis--for obvious reasons.

Writing Stuff

101-day SALE to Cricket! They bought my short story "The Raven's Brocade," my tenth sale to the Cricket Magazine Group. I needed a sale, and once again, these fine folks deliver. I love my Cricket editor! She also wants me to write an author's note to accompany the story. The author's note alone will probably pay more than some whole stories I've written. Yay!
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