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Ice cream, caffeine, and skunk therapy continues. Also got the first two Wonderfalls DVDs from Netflix. The Fox network execs need to be flayed with butter knives for pulling the plug on that show. But then, the sins of the Fox exes are so numerous, I'm sure they'll be reincarnated as tapeworms. I'll take what comfort I can from that.

Watched many episodes of Wonderfalls. That's damn fine escapist passive entertainment. I am, however, going to have a helluva caffeine withdrawal period when this is over. Or I shall fund the Columbian coffee barons unto perpetuity.

I am also rather pissed with our ISP. Service kept popping in and out yesterday, making it awkward to get anything Internet-related accomplished. If we're paying premium rates for a cable modem, then by God, we should have connectivity 24/7. *thumps desk for emphasis*

Writing Stuff

233-day form "no" from Peachtree Publishers on a picture book proposal. It helps that I'd all but forgotten about this one, but still, this string of rejections is particularly craptacular. Yes, I need a sale.

Words: 900 on the novel WIP. Went back into the first few chapters and fleshed out some in between sections. There's still fragmentation, but it's less like a jigsaw puzzle and more like a . . . less-fragmenty thing. Um, yeah. (Also had some major insomnia last night, and had to wake up so I can get ready for my doctor's appointment. Ergo, my brain is squishy.)

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