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Depression bad, trees pretty

Thanks to everyone for their well wishes and words of sympathy. Y'all are great.

Did some self-medication: lotso green tea, large doses of ice cream, and prolonged hugging sessions with Hobkin. I think Hobkin can sense that I need comforting. He's been making it a point of attaching himself to me, moreso than usual even.

Still feeling depressed, but not spiraling any deeper into my mood funk. Holding steady is good. Also got an appointment with my rheumatologist on Friday. He's not exactly a psychiatrist, but he can write prescriptions as good as the best of them.

Writing Stuff

1-day "It is an imaginative tale, and I do like your writing; unfortunately . . ." from Surreal. Sigh. Not helping!

Got a very nice reply from the Simon & Schuster contact that Ann met on the train confirming that she's alerted the editors to be on the lookout for my manuscript. Now it's all about the waiting. There is much to writing that involves waiting.

Words: 650 on the novel WIP. I still don't even have a working title for this, dammit.

Did a slew of research on the Chinese Han dynasty. It seems like hours of research should have resulted in more than 650 words. I guess copious notes don't really count. I do have a better working understanding of the Chinese dynastic timeline, though. My God, there's a LOT of Chinese history.
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