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Cafe Sunflower and H.P. Lovecraft's

Happy Bunny Day, everyone! May your baskets be filled with chocolate!

Had a wonderful evening yesterday with britzkrieg and rigel_kent. They invited us to dinner to celebrate my new agented status. I love hanging with them. We went to Café Sunflower, an excellent vegetarian restaurant in the city. Good food, fantastic company, what more could anyone want?

Writing Stuff

Got word back from the editor of H.P. Lovecraft's Magazine of Horror. I figured there was a chance my email queries weren't getting through, so I emailed the managing editor who forwarded my note on to the editor. His reply came a day later from a new email account, and sure enough he'd had a hard drive crash a couple months back. So very, very relieved to hear from him!

Everything's back on track for "Within Your Soul I Sightless See." He sent me the contract, which is even now winging its way back to HPL headquarters. And they pay on acceptance, whee! What's even better, the editor said he'd try to schedule my story for issue #4. It might end up bumped to issue #5, but ohgodohgod I hope it's in #4. Tanith Lee will have a story in #4. It's been one of my writing dreams to share a ToC with her! Squee! Fangirl rapture!

Here's the cover of #4. Gorgeous isn't it? Got my fingers crossed that I'll be in it.

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