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Slept for most of Sunday and a remarkably huge chunk of Monday, and I'm still feeling a bit loopy from Fantasm. Sheesh, it's taking me longer and longer to recover from these cons.

Dropped dude_the off at the airport yesterday, and Hobkin is relieved to have us back at home. He's been clinging to me with all his fuzzy might, alternating between expressing his fuzzy neediness and demanding to be fed.

The world returneth to normal.

Writing Stuff

Gah! I came back to a huge backlog of Tangent work. Spent the wee hours that I was awake last night (my internal clock appears to be experiencing a reset from the weekend) catching up on it. Still have much to do, but at least it's less overwhelming.

Came back to no fewer than SIX, count them six rejections from this weekend. Fortunately, I was extremely anesthetized when I got them, so none of them have particularly fazed me.

In order:
- 13-day "Just to let you know, FADE TO BLACK CAME in second. Good luck placing it elsewhere or submitting it again next quarter if you so desire." From Stephen D. Rogers Presents. DAMMIT!! So close! To re-submit it next quarter or not . . . HELL YES I'm going to submit it again next quarter.
- Three 11-day rejects from the Corpse Blossoms anthology after they invited me to submit multiples to them. After getting a couple "we really liked this but it isn't what we're looking for"s, I sent them a range of stories, hoping one of them would fit. Instead, I gave the editors the impression that I suffer from multiple personality disorder, and apparently pump out fiction whilst in the thralls of my various personas. Well, crap.
- 266-day YFoP from Realms of Fantasy with personalized scribble at the bottom apologizing for holding it so long and telling me they're overstocked.
- 8-day glowing reject from Lenox Ave.. They had wonderful things to say about my story, but found that it wasn't right for them. Fooie.

Need to make a post office run today, most definitely.

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