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Fantasm Day (night) 3

The Final Fantasm blow out has left me groggy and even more incoherent than I was yesterday. I'm sure I'm down a significant number of brain cells. So, more shiny pictures!

First off, my panel with cmpriest and jackzodiac, The Dark Side of Publishing, whereupon we bitched and complained for an hour and a half about the publishing nightmares we've personally experienced. Cathartic whee.

Matthew wanted to see the hypnotist show, so off we went. Forteneau requested volunteer subjects, and off Matthew and dude_the scampered to the stage (along with something like twenty-five other eager convention-goers). They were mercilessly humiliated. I giggled much. (Pardon the blurry image. Had to turn the flash off):

Hooked up with various excellent folk and off we went into the party battles.

People: Melanie in her Trinity costume, cmpriest and moriarty6, puskunk and his lovely wife Ginny, jackzodiac ready to party, terracinque, Dean (I made the mistake of getting into a flashbulb duel with Dean. He won. A lot. I was seeing spots for a loooong time afterward), and Drew, who got into a confrontation with a bottle and a half of merlot on Friday night. (As you can see from the gash on his forehead and the broken glasses, the wine kicked his ass.)

People watching at Fantasm is always prime:

Party games:
All the parties were moved into the main area due to the Fire Marshall incident from the previous night, which really messed up some of the event schedules, but we were able to catch Mobicon's events. First up was the Banana Eating Contest:

The contestants (with Remy and his lovely wife, Widgett, who took first and second places respectively in the middle). It was an impressive showing, talent galore!

Remy during his winning performance. Unfortunately, his beautiful assistant blocked my shot of Remy's face, so I wasn't able to get a good picture of his technique.

Ah, religion.

Then I got called up to perform my civic duty, assisting with the wet t-shirt and wet boxer contests. Instead of taking pictures, I poured water over luscious, scantily-clad boys and girls. Then there was alcohol. And when the alcohol wore off, there was Remy on my lap and his on/off switch, which left me light-headed and giddy. Purr. Very sad that Fantasm has ended. Not sure when we'll get a chance to hook up with Remy and Widgett again, which depresses me incredibly. I love them both!

Got back in at around 4:30, and I can barely see straight now. Matthew and dude_the are watching The Big Lubowski. I think I may have a nap.

Got a slew of Tangent work that needs my attention, but not right now . . . .snzzzzzz.

[Edit: Ooo! I found a picture that a con-goer took of me and Matthew during the parties:]

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