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Early Morning Waking

Slightly (only slightly) hung over, but definitely in need of more sleeping . . . and yet I'm wide awake.

dude_the's plane was delayed due to the bits of rain we had yesterday, but he arrived at last, safe and sound. He, arkhamrefugee, Matthew, and even Hobkin, are all asleep throughout the house after a late night of chatting, movie-viewing (we watched Snatch, courtesy dude_the who brought a pile of DVDs with), drinking, and hot tub soaking. Well, Hobkin didn't do much drinking or hot tubbing, but all the new people in the house were pretty exciting to his wee brain.

Probably not wise of me to go into Fantasm already suffering the effects of celebratory excess, but hey, too late now to do anything about it. Although forcing myself to nap for another couple hours seems like it would be a wise course of action to take.

Writing Stuff

Still vibrating about the agent thing. Got an email from him yesterday afternoon. He's already submitted my manuscript to two publishers. Squee! (Ow, too early in the morning to squee. Ooof.)

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