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Lost in Translation and more with the writing biz

Watched Lost in Translation yesterday with Matthew. I want those hours of my life back. While the insight into modern Japanese culture was interesting, the story--if you could call it that--and the characters, most definitely were not. Yuck. Pretentious pretentious pretentious. And boring.

Writing Stuff

So, after the first positive agent response, I got a form "not interested in you, you fool!" from a different one in the mail yesterday. C'est la vie. Then I got a call from Ann Crispin! She's recommending me to an agent in her agency, Writers House LLC. She's sending them an email on my behalf and everything. She's the utter and total best. It would be so completely amazing if I could land a Writers House agent. Ooo.

Also spent the last few days making banners for Scrybe Press. Go HERE to see them.

And I finally got the check from Cricket for "Razi and the Sunbird." Now if they'll only slot in for publication the other seven stories of mine they've bought . . .

Eugie not so good with the waiting.
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