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Fantasm in one week!

Fantasm is less than one week away! The last one, the final big blowout. Don't miss it!

ellimayhem has put together a fabulous poll for the Fannie Awards. To y'all who nominated me for "Favorite Ms. Fantasm," mwaaaa . Now go and vote for me! (If you prefer, you can also email your vote to Poppy.)

poppyaseed also asked me to present an award on Thursday, which of course I agreed to. So I hope to see all your smiling, leering faces there.

Remember the banana?

Writing Stuff

Received a complimentary rejection from Strange Horizons with invite to submit more.

Also got the galley proofs from Nathan for "Still My Beating Heart/Inspirations End." That's going to be a beautiful chapbook. It's debuting at Fantasm; buy one from me there--signed and everything! I'll even beam and bounce at you if you buy one. Hell, I'll probably be beamy and bouncy regardless. Fantasm is that kind of fun.

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