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My Laptop!

My laptop arrived! I'm writing and updating this LJ entry on my shiny new HP Pavilion!

I spent most of yesterday playing with it, loading it up with software and data, and getting it personalized and configured just the way I like it. It's a bit heavier than I had expected. There is a certain "boulder on my lap" feeling when I perch it on me. I suspect the advertised weight was sans battery--which would put many lead paperweights to shame. Might need to see about setting up some sort of lap desk to share some of the weight. It also has a touch pad mouse, which is taking some getting used to (I'm accustomed to that little pressure point mouse that IBM Thinkpads have). But on the plus side, the screen is HUGE. And the wireless card is sweet. Cable modem router goodness. I haven't tested its range yet, but for where I'll mostly be using it, I've had perfect connectivity. Matthew thinks I'm getting faster speeds on my laptop than he is on the desktop, connected via the cable. I'm dubious, but it's lighting quick. Very nice.

Writing Stuff

Rewrote the synopses for "Inspirations End/Still My Beating Heart" as what I had before did indeed suck goats. Happier with my redraft, I emailed them off to Nathan.

Received word from the publishers of the Blasphemy anthology. It is official, the project is on "hiatus." I suspect that means there's a solid likelihood that I'll never see the damn thing in print. Somewhat annoyed at the whole thing. That story has been in publishing limbo for years now.

As a complete antithesis to the Blasphemy fiasco (i.e. as a shining example of really professional publishing business practices), I received the contract from jinzi in the mail. Signed and mailed her copy back.

Words: Couple editing passes, but not as much productivity as I wanted because I was too busy playing with my new laptop. (I am not unaware of the irony of my "productivity tool" leeching away work time, thank-you-very-much .)

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