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Metallic Love

I discovered the best LJ community EVAR yesterday: baaaaabyanimals. Now that's an instant cute fix.

Later today is the first 2005 Dragon*Con all-staff meeting. I'm all confused about how many staff slots I have open. You'd think I'd have figured out how to count to ten by now, and yet . . .

Writing Stuff

Metallic Love by Tanith Lee arrived from in the mail yesterday. I set it aside for most of the afternoon, but it kept beckoning me, all seductive and alluring. I gave in to the inevitable, settled down with Hobkin on the couch, and submerged. I surfaced briefly to eat dinner and hammer out a few sentences on the WIP, and then checked out again until I finished it.

As the sequel to The Silver Metal Lover, one of my all-time favorite Tanith Lee books (who is one of my all-time favorite authors), it doesn't hold up. I wasn't as enamored with the new main character, Loren, as I was with Jane. Nor did I like the new Silver (renamed Verlis) as much. But overall, it was excellent--which is largely self-evident since I read it in effectively one sitting. If I weren't holding it up to Silver Metal Lover, I'd probably give it higher marks. And it's not that it suffers from being a sequel--Lee goes to great lengths to make Metallic Love a different sort of book; it's definitely not another Romeo & Juliet--although there is quite a bit of closure in it. But in many ways it's a closure I didn't need. Overall, I don't think it's a book that needed to be written, but I greatly enjoyed it. And, very importantly, it didn't ruin the first book for me, which I was somewhat anxious about.

Words: 100 - The barest minimum scrawled out in great haste so I could return to Metallic Love

Club 100 For Writers

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