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We were on NPR! The 6:50AM airing of Marketplace had the Mount Airy Lodge story. Matthew and I were on it! Wheee! The reporter, Aries Keck, said she'd send us an MP3 of the story after it aired. Looking forward to getting that so I can play our couple seconds of coverage over and over again. Well, maybe just once.

Also heard back from my Daily Dragon network person. He isn't returning to my staff this year. He's not going to Dragon*Con for various and sundry personal issues. That means I'm out a network guru. Crap. I should probably ask for one at the staff meeting this weekend. Or I could just do without this year and glomp on the guys in photography to fix things for me when they break. That'll probably work out just as well. But I liked having someone on call that I could page 24/7 during the convention. Hmph.

Writing Stuff

Received: 9-day "nice writing here but" from JJA at F&SF. Sigh.

Words: 500 - Approaching the climax on the Chinese fairy tale. Should finish it today. Then I'll give it a couple editing passes, foist it on Matthew, and toss it up for Critters to maul.

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