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Okay, I think it's time I started getting serious about acquiring an agent. I consulted my market listing spreadsheet for more places to submit my middle-grade novel, and discovered that several markets that used to accept unsolicited submissions will now only look at agented works. Suddenly, I find myself in circumstances where my submission options are seriously constrained by my lack of a literary agent. Going to send off a few queries today, and I dropped a note to my mentor, Ann Crispin, to see if she'd pass on a good word about me to her agent.

This is totally new territory to me. I've made one or two forays into agent-land, but have been haphazard and unenthusiastic about it. Time to start being systematic and efficient. There's much anxiety here, and I'm not sure why. Why is submitting to an agent harder than submitting to an editor? It really shouldn't be.

Stupid brain.

Started on a new Chinese folktale to go into my Cricket queue. Made good headway into it. The virtue of 2K children's works: gratification is fast, and I tend not to get bogged down dealing with plot pitfalls.

Words: 700 - the first day in a while where I've been able to hit my 500 goal. Rah.

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