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Fulton County Cats in Need of Home!

From britzkrieg:

On February 1, 2005, Fulton County Animal Services was called to a home in Alpharetta [Georgia] where we found 160 cats. Unfortunately, 134 of the cats were dead on the scene. The remaining cats were rushed to a veterinary clinic and all are expected to eventually recover from their ordeal, though as you can tell from the pictures some are still not feeling well.

Once the cats are healthy enough and available for release, FCAS will be adopting them into new homes... If you are interested in adopting one of these cats from FCAS (probably mid-March), please make note of the cat's name and animal ID number and fill out the online application located next to the picture of the cat.

The full article on the Fulton County Animal Services website: Cruelty Case Cats

If you're an Atlanta local or a Georgian, or even if you don't mind a bit of a drive, please, please consider adopting one of these babies. They deserve loving homes, every one of them!

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