November 19th, 2009

squished nose

No More Skunk Camp for Hobkin

So the results from the vet came back, and Hobkin has a staph infection, apparently a methicillin-resistant one. He gets another course of antibiotics. Poor lil guy! But it's a relief having a definite diagnosis and simple treatment.

However, as one skunk-related worry resolves, another rears up. The housing crisis and economic recession caused Hobkin's godmother to lose her house. She'd been unemployed for a while, and with the job market being what it is, she ended up exhausting her savings and then having to default on her mortgage. She declared bankruptcy, and she and her houseful of skunks relocated out-of-state.

We're devastated. I hope she manages to get back on her feet soon. Really, really hope she does. And now Hobkin doesn't have a place to go when we're out of town. His godmother was wonderful. We completely trusted her to look after him, had total peace of mind boarding Hobkin with her, secure that she was both capable of and would look after him with the same care and attentiveness that we would.

I don't know what we're going to do next month for Christmas when we go to visit fosteronfilm's folks. We can't take Hobkin with us because skunks are illegal to own as pets in Illinois, and we simply can't board him at our vet's. It would be far too stressful. We're considering getting a professional pet sitter, but even if we can find one who'll sit a skunk, I very much doubt they'd have any experience caring for one. And even if they came by four times a day (which is how often Hobkin's meals are), Hobkin would be alone for huge chunks of time. He's used to having someone with him essentially 24/7, not to mention sleeping with me at night. I think he'll be sad and lonely being alone for so long. I would be.

Don't know what to do. Wah!