November 13th, 2008

looking down

Back From Weekend 1 of 2 and Patricia A. McKillip Cover Blurb

Had a dentist appointment on Monday AM so I came into the office late, Veterans Day holiday on Tuesday, and I opted to take my 4x10 day off yesterday. Feels like I've been home more this week than at work. Oh, wait, that's because I have!

However, life is returning to its normal routine—as normal as it gets. dude_the flew back home on Sunday, the presidential elections are over*, and I'm now taking stock of my plate of hamsters. And verily, my hamsters are surly, nippy, and fat.

Y'know, I should quit saying that I'm trying to "catch up" and simply accept that it is my lot to perpetually be in a state of hamster overflow.

*This is the first time in a very long while that I've dared to feel optimistic about the political outlook for America. Not to mention proud of my country. I actually got rather weepy-faced when I watched Obama's victory speech. That man's a moving and powerful speaker.


Writing Stuff

And in the giddy-unto-hyperventilating news, Patricia A. McKillip, the Locus, World Fantasy Best Novel, and World Fantasy Lifetime Achievement Award-winning author—a writer I've admired and idolized for, like, ever—gave me the most fabulous cover blurb for my Returning My Sister's Face collection:

"The tales are beautifully written, elegant, passionate, funny and moving. The entire collection is a delightful, magical bridge across cultures. I hope many readers find their way to it."

I am squeeful beyond the telling of it.

New Words:
• Around 300 on The Stupid Novel. I really need to get my butt in gear if I'm going to get it to zero draft before end of year (and, more to the point, before the beginning of Georgia's legislative session).