April 4th, 2008

zombie bunny

Session 2008 Day 40, T minus 4.25 hours: Sine Die and sale to PodCastle

Feel totally thrashed. This day has been uber grueling, and there's still over four hours of it to go. But I got my bunny slippers on and am eating some non-sugary food*, and the pace has slowed way down. We're mostly in waiting mode as the House and Senate bicker and wrangle their way through their remaining agenda items. And I think my second wind is rounding the bend.

*There's been donuts, cookies, pie, and cake a-plenty to be had all day, but the only food o'substance was very meat-laden. However, one of the attorneys saw me gazing at the chock-o-meat pizzas with disappointment and felt sorry for me. She gave me a salad and then, over my protestations, made me a cheese sandwich and a big bowl of popcorn—have I mentioned recently that I really love working here with all the fabulous people in my office? I really love my job...even during session when it kicks my ass.

Anyhoo, I didn't think I was particularly hungry, but after snarfing down the salad and sandwich (and I'm snacking on the popcorn now), the bleary haze in my head is beginning to clear.


Writing Stuff

• 55-day pleasant pass from PodCastle on a reprint and
• 255-day reprint sale of "The Tanuki-Kettle" to PodCastle. Woot! It's been a great week for me for podcasts. Very much looking forward to hearing my story presented by the newest Escape Artists outfit.