June 28th, 2007


Jeff VanderMeer's website, Paul Jessup's online novel, and seeking a Korean translation

First off, a couple shout outs:
- Jeff VanderMeer has recently overhauled his website and blog: Ecstatic Days. It's the place to go for folks interested in Jeff's work.
- Paul Jessup is working on an online serial novel, Dust, with daily updates at his website. Dust is a "surrealistic, dark fantasy, about a girl searching for freedom in a graveyard town built on the ruins of war." He's also penning a writing journal about it. So for readers interested in the novel-writing process, it promises to be interesting.

Next, anyone reading this know Korean? Specifically written Korean?

In a nutshell, I need "Please do not remove any mugs, cups, or glasses from this desk" translated into Korean.

Outside a nutshell: Minor, ongoing saga at work. Collapse )


Writing Stuff

- Payment for "Li T'ien and the Dragon Nian" in Black Dragon, White Dragon. The anthology's due out in September/October, and editor Rob Santa gave me a shiny ego boo in the included note. My story's slated to be lead story, and a couple of the other contributors have expressed excitement at sharing a ToC with me--which totally blows me away. I mean, I certainly don't think of myself as being the sort of big name writer that would elicite squeeing about sharing a ToC with. So yah, much shiny ego boo.
- Contract from oldcharliebrown for "The Tears of My Mother, the Shell of My Father" in Japanese Dreams.
- 159-day YFoP from Shawna at Realms of Fantasy with scribbled note. Snartleblast.
- 41-day form nope from Tin House for their "Fantastic Women" issue. That was something of a long shot, so no surprise there.

- My July Writing for Young Readers column is now up (a couple days early even): "Writing Humor (As Demonstrated by Buffy the Vampire Slayer)".

New Words/Editing:
- 200 words on a new short story for the Datlow/Windling anthology, tentatively titled, "They That Sow the Wind Shall Reap the Whirlwind."