April 8th, 2007


Hobkin's 5th Birthday

It's Hobkin's birthday! The fuzzwit is five years old today. According to American Domestic Skunk Association skunk show standards, five years qualifies as a senior skunk. So far, Hobkin doesn't show any signs of slowing down. Thankfully.

We're baking a cherry pie for him to celebrate his birthday. He'll get a small slice. I anticipate sticky paws . . . and nose and fur.

Big smile for the camera!

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Writing Stuff

- 48-day (reprint) Sale of "The Snow Woman's Daughter" to Escape Pod (or possibly their new, as-of-yet-untitled Fantasy spin-off podcast 'zine). Yay!
- Confirmation from Dragon*Con of my guest status for 2007.

- My April Writing for Young Readers column: "An Interview with Judy Burke of Highlights for Children".

New Words:
- 1000 on the Persian fairy tale retelling. Nearly at zero draft. It's several hundred words longer than what I was aiming for, but I'm hoping to do some cutting in editing.

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2,294 / 2,000