March 30th, 2007

squished nose

Session '07, Day 33

I haven't seen fosteronfilm and dude_the at all this week. They went to an advance screening of a movie last night, leaving me to come home to, once again, a humanless house. *humph* Fine. Me and the skunk don't need that pair of slackers anyway.

I've got a photo shoot tomorrow for the Girls of Dragon*Con Charity Calendar project at one of Atlanta's cemeteries. I think I'm going to have to drag both of them along.


Writing Stuff

- Payment from Helix for "Addy in My Mind." Not pro rates, but the amount exceeded my expectations. Very nice.
- 1-day sale of "The Center of the Universe" to Helix. Publication date/issue TBD. This is the story that was orphaned when the Lesbian Sleuth anthology folded, so I'm well pleased that it was able to find a new home.