August 1st, 2006


The inevitable draws nigh

My mother-in-law called. DiL is not doing well, had to return to the ICU again and is very weak. The doctors wanted to put him back on a ventilator, but MiL and DiL were adamant that that wasn't going to happen. He's said "enough," he's done. After talking it over with DiL, they're having the hospital people remove all support machinery and equipment except oxygen and pain meds. They don't expect him to last more than 24-48 hours.

It seems that I won't get a chance to say goodbye to him after all. I wish he could have gone home; I wish we could have taken him home in July when we were there. Now, they don't think he'd survive the move.

It's awful and sad. He so wants to be able to die at home in his own bed. It's such a small thing, and it makes me heartsick that he can't have that.

We're readying ourselves to head up north.
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