May 28th, 2006

zombie bunny

Birthday bash

Had hella fun last night at j_hotlanta's beautiful sylvan abode, where he and britzkrieg co-hosted a dual birthday party. There was food (grilled portabello mushrooms, mmm), booze, and cake, and I had a smidge too much gin. A bit hung over this morning, because I am unable to hold my liquor--one Tom Collins in a tall glass. Yep, I am the lightweightiest lightweight there is.


Writing Stuff

New Words:
- 400 on the article for
- 300 on the child development article.

- Payment from Galaktika.
- Barbed-and-pointy shaft from my bank by way of a $15.00 "wire transfer fee"! [RANT] Isn't it enough that I work like a dog to make peanuts; peanuts, furthermore, that the government double taxes me on because it's "self-employed" income, although said government doesn't see fit to provide me any reasonable, comprehensive health care option? Is it really necessary to smack further indignities upon my pathetic financial status with bank fees that swipe nearly 20% of what I earn? ARGH! [/RANT]

So yeah, I'm awaiting payment from Faeries and Ennea still. Previously I'd given them the go-ahead to wire my payment from France and Greece, respectively, but in light of the egregiously painful shafting I just got, I've emailed them to see whether there's any way they can cut me a check instead.

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