May 17th, 2006


Casanova and Mirrorstone

Watched Casanova last night. Heath Ledger did a reasonable job as the lead, but I would've liked the most notorious hedonist and lady's man in history, "the world's greatest lover," to smolder and sizzle, and instead he was essentially a flirty playboy. Then again, it was a Touchstone movie; there wasn't even any blood in the sword fight scenes. Admittedly, it's a bit unrealistic to expect Disney to do sizzle.

I was very amused to see Oliver Platt in it, cast in the exact opposite role that he played in Dangerous Beauty, another movie (the superior one) set in Venice during the same time period.

Apparently, Casanova flopped in the theater, which I think is a shame. It was a fun romantic comedy with lushly beautiful costumes and cinematography. Shot completely on location in Venice, it did a fine job of capturing the magic and romance of the City of Canals.

One day, I'd like to see Venice. Right after Paris.

Writing Stuff

It's public now (and it seems it was mentioned in Locus too), so I can finally squee about this! The Frog Princess story I wrote last November, "Princess Bufo marinus, I Call Her Amy," was for mroctober, who is editing a fantasy anthology aimed at teen girls published by Mirrorstone Books!

Mirrorstone is the YA imprint owned by Wizards of the Coast/Hasbro (ex-TSR) and its titles are in every chain store in America. The final ToC needs to be approved by the Mirrorstone folks, and my froggie tale is not guaranteed passing muster, but mroctober (who is a fount of keenly discriminating judgement and brilliant taste) liked it and wants it, so I maintain high hopes. *squee squee squee!*

New Words:
- 750 on my guest blogger post for A Writer's Vanity. It's not up yet, but I assume Jason'll post it later today.

[Edit: It's up, it's up! Clickie HERE.]

- 200 on the YA novel, and I'm already dissatisfied with it. I think the opening needs more of a kick. Pondering. Ponder ponder. Also been thinking about trying to resume work on A Harmony of Foxes.

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