May 16th, 2006


Rufus Sewell-athon

At the recommendation of grendel317 and dream_wind, I added Cold Comfort Farm to our Netflix queue. fosteronfilm was dubious as apparently he'd seen the 1968 version and it had traumatized him as a wee boy. "Orphaned girl goes to live with scary relatives!" he cautioned. But I knew y'all wouldn't point me at a dreary and depressing tale.

And my faith was not misplaced. I loved Cold Comfort Farm! Quirky and funny, and yes, Rufus Sewell was uber hawt. I drool in his general direction. I had some trouble with the accents, occasionally squinting at the screen (because that helps, ffft) when I couldn't parse the dialogue and then turning to Matthew with a "what'd he say?" 'Course Matthew is worse at accents than I am, but that's the virtue of DVDs: pause and re-playable. And, of course, Kate Beckinsale was adorable. I highly recommend it, and gobs of thanks to grendel317 and dream_wind for the suggestion.

Craving more Rufus Sewell, we then got out Dark City to re-watch. That's simply an excellent SF-noir movie. The voiceover is unfortunate (are there any good voiceovers?) as is the casting of Keifer Sutherland, but those negatives are more than adequately compensated for by Rufus Sewell (and his bare rump in the opening scene), Jennifer Connelley--who both sizzles in her torch song numbers and pulls off loving/scared/concerned wife with total credibility--and The Strangers, deliciously-dark-and disturbing bad guys. And really, the set, ambiance, and mood should be credited as characters too, since they're as tangible and salient as the people in this film.

Rufus Sewell. Yum. Might be time to re-watch Dangerous Beauty. Matthew suggested I see She Creature, but I need more convincing.


Writing Stuff

I think I've come up with a topic/theme to blog about for my Writer's Vanity guest blogger spot tomorrow: "Why I Write and the Sense of Wonder." Just gotta squeeze all the thought fragments together and come up with a coherent bit of wordage. Whoa, didja see that hamster go? Erm, yeah.

New Words:
- 1300 on a new YA novel. Going to try this again. Meep. Just taking it one page sentence at a time.
- Been letting my backbrain dwell on where to take the picture book. This is harder than I expected, and I expected it would be pretty damn hard. Oof.

- Thumbs up on another query/pitch to Now I have to write the article.

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