May 14th, 2006

looking down

Dragon*Con 2nd all-staff meeting and Celexa

The 2nd Dragon*Con all-staff meeting was yesterday whereupon I picked up a new reporter for the Daily Dragon, gabbed with a returning one, and socialized at length with fabu folks such as dire_epiphany, astralfire, radjacee, bevlovesbooks (and her eensy-bebe, Eleanor, who has teeny-tiny toes), and Dean-of-the-camera-but-no-LJ.

A huge hurray goes out to fingerman! Chairman Pat bequeathed upon him the coveted and shiny 15-year anniversary volunteer plaque. *flings confetti* A well earned and well deserved commendation.

Yesterday was a good day. I keep saying this, but I also keep forgetting, so apparently it merits repetition. I need to get out of the house more often. Working from home and flinging hamsters willy-nilly, I forget how much time I spend sequestered in the library, staring at my laptop. Getting out lets me unwind--flagrant introversion notwithstanding--and it also stokes my muse with fresh faces, real settings, and new experiences. I'm more productive after a few hours out and about than if I spent those hours nose-to-the-keyboard. And most importantly, I'm happier.

So yeah, on the heels of that not-so-brilliant insight, and after feeling nauseous, light-headed, groggy-unto-death (I ended up having to take a nap yesterday as well as crashing after dinner), and tremor-ridden--after only a single day on the stuff--I've decided on the out-the-window option for the Celexa. Odds are the side effects would pass in a couple weeks, but I need these couple weeks. It will stress me out far more to be laid out by the sleepies or the queasies right now than any possible 6-8 weeks-down-the-road benefit. Scary-nurse-lady teetered my confidence, but I know I've got enough of a handle on my moods and emotions to determine when and if I need to be on psychotropics. And I don't; I may again at some point down the road, but I can deal a-ok right now.


Writing Stuff

*Squee!* I'm on the short list for the Southeastern Science Fiction Award (SESFA) in the Best Short Story of 2005 category! Mega thanks to Jason Sizemore for having the brilliant acumen and stunning good taste to publish "Oranges, Lemons, and Thou Beside Me" in Apex Digest!

But err, I still don't know what to blog about for my Writer's Vanity guest blogger spot on Wednesday. Gleep.

- Contract from Paradox for "The Archer of the Sun and the Lady of the Moon." Of course, as soon as I start fretting, it shows up. At least that's one hamster nicely in orbit.