May 10th, 2006

nian on the run

Empathizing with Sisyphus

My wingstubs ache, my to-do list scares me when I look at it, and my circadian rhythms seem to have fallen into a bizarre pattern: I fall sleep for three hours after dinner, wake and work through the wee hours of the night, tip over at around 4-5AM, wake again a few hours later, and then go upstairs and work until dinner.

This has been going on for the last several days. It's productive, but also disorienting. And there's a surreal, Sisyphus-ian feel to everything. I'm whipping things off my plate as fast as I can, but more keeps piling up. And now stuff is starting to overflow. (yukinooruoni, I know I owe you a very overdue email). Urf. I need another plate.


Writing Stuff

Saw that a sneak peak of the June cover of Spider with "The Tax Collector's Cow" in it is up on the "Coming Attractions" page of the Cricket Magazine Group website. The theme looks to be "cows." Hee! Moo.

Got a note from Jason Sizemore that there's going to be an Apex celebration/signing/promo event at Destinations Booksellers in New Albany, Indiana this summer. He asked if there was any chance I could make it. Sigh. There are decided disadvantages to living the glamorous (*snort*) life of a freelance writer. Being poor is one of them. I don't see how there's any way I can pull it off, but I hope they'll raise a glass to me in absentia.

Also saw the cover art for Aegri Somnia. Quelle disturbing:

New Words/Editing:
- Started outlining the salient plot points of my middle-grade novel as prep for my rewrite. Finding myself rather daunted by this undertaking. Meep. Meep a lot. I was, however, reminded of how much I love this story.
- 200 words on the Swan Lake tale, interrupted when I got wind of another freelance gig, at which point I lost my momentum and switched gears.
- 1600-words on the second article for Revised, polished, and sent off.

Club 100 For Writers



Fairy portals sprouting in Michigan

dean13 sent along this link from NPR on wee fairy doors popping up in Ann Arbor, MI. I want one! Although I'm inclined to think there's already one under Hobkin's hutch . . .

[Edit: dean13 found the artist's website: (*squee!*)]


Writing Stuff

New Words/Editing:
- 1000 on the middle-grade novel --> Picture book effort. Only halfway into the story and my word count limit's just about up. Urp. Must cut and tighten. Daunted has become intimidated.

- Payment for my "When the Guidelines Say for Children 7 to 12" article. The editor said it'll probably be published in June.
- Acceptance and contract for my "10 Myths About Writing for Kids" article from

And now I'm thinking I need to start seriously considering doing lots more nonfiction. Dwelling on trying my hand at writing nonfiction for kids. I think I'd be decent at it. And this whole query/pitch->green light->pay thing, where I know I'll get paid before I write something, there's definite appeal there.

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