May 6th, 2006


Not the sharpest screwdriver in the toolshed

Was feeling logy yesterday so took an additional 10mg of Adderall at around 2PM on top of my normal early-morning 20mg. Yep, that was an exceptionally ill-advised thing to do. Proceeded to stay up until 5AM in an enforced state of fervid wakefulness. But at least it was a productive insomnia. Got much work done including an overdue update on my Children's Market Listing. But then, after I fell asleep, a small, fuzzy beastie woke me at 7:30 demanding breakfast.

So yeah, I'm not taking any Adderall today, and I expect there will be a hard crash later this afternoon.


Writing Stuff

I committed a major writerly blunder yesterday--possibly due to the Adderall-induced wired brainstate I was in. I accidentally submitted a story to a market that had previously rejected it. Doh!

I do keep meticulous records, and this is the first (and I hope last) time I've ever done this. It was a question of not scrolling quite high enough on my spreadsheet before deciding on the next market. Fortunately, I caught the error before the editor did, and it was an electronic submission, so once I realized my boo-boo, I fired off a contrite "oops, sorrysorry, please ignore my submission" email and have since received editorial confirmation. But I still feel quite the dimmy.

New Words:
- 600 on freelance work. Finished up my current gig pending a final editing pass.

- Invite from Jason Sizemore to be a guest blogger on Apex Digest's "A Writer's Vanity" Wednesday the 17th. Don't know what to blog about yet, and I'll be following in the footsteps of cmpriest who's doing a guest stint this Wednesday--ye verily a daunting act to follow. Ponder ponder ponder.
- 84-day pass from On Spec. Damn you Canadians with your beady eyes and flapping heads! *ducks and runs from wistling and canadiansuzanne*
- Sneak peek of the artwork done by Aaron Siddall for "A Patch of Jewels in the Sky" forthcoming in June's Dragonfly Spirit:

Isn't it shiny? This is another one for my library office wall.

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