May 4th, 2006


Cheesecake and Beefcake

Cheesecake cravings assuaged. terracinque swung by on Tuesday to reprise our dinner/movie/pie nights, and he brought a key lime cheesecake. Mmm. I made Pad Thai, but didn't quite get the proportions right--too many noodles and not enough kick to the sauce--but terracinque very graciously said "yum" anyway.

We watched The Lavender Hill Mob and Tomorrow Never Dies, which makes me quite curious about the new James Bond. While it's not possible for them to come up with a nummier Bond than Pierce Brosnan, I'm willing to give Daniel Craig a shot.


Writing Stuff

Having a bit of a clash with my inner "you suck" demons these last few days. I've been wondering if I've become a complacent writer, laurel-reclining as result of the string of sales I've had. Have I stopped challenging myself, taking risks, and experimenting outside my comfort zone? Am I writing to capitalize on what I've sold rather than trying my hand at more venturesome projects? And am I ever going to break into the "Big 3"??

Contrarily, am I over-thinking my technique, bogging down my prose and losing the story in the process? And then there's my seeming inability to get to work on, much less finish, a novel.

Yes, I know, I know. Quit wallowing in angst and just put words on the page. Meep.

- 34-day sale of "The Goddess Queen's Battlefield" to GrendelSong, my second to these fine folks. It's slated for publication in their Autumn Equinox 2007 issue. The story was inspired by Suzanne Vega's "The Queen & The Soldier," a song that britzkrieg introduced me to. Thanks for the muse food, sweetie!

New Words/Editing:
- 600 on the collab. piece I'm doing with mtrimm1. *lob*
- 400: the start of the Swan Lake story that David Niven and Vincent Price want me to write. Spent some time last night/early this morning (as in 1AM early) researching all the myriad incarnations and interpretations of Swan Lake there have been, including the Mercedes Lackey retelling, The Black Swan.
- 300 on a new freelance gig. I'm going to take all of y'all's advice and count those in my "words written"/Club 100 tally. Haven't decided yet if they'll have the same weight as fiction, but they ought to count.
- Poked and prodded a story I've been sitting on that wanted a time out plus final spit-polish before being shoved unto the breach. I like the story very much, but I'm having a hard time classifying it. In the end, I screwed my courage to the sticking place, chucked my "is this a good fit?" wafflings out the window, and sent it to Cicada. While I'm an advocate of the "don't self-reject" school of submission, I still have this thing going on, particularly with the editors/markets that I've had repeat sales at, wherein I'm all anxious about disappointing them, so I find myself hesitating to take risks, submission-wise. Because, of course, seeing the same ole same ole from a writer never gets stale (*snort*).

Ah, rejectomancy at its finest. Or actually, would this be acceptomancy?

Writers are insane. If we didn't start that way, the biz turns us into twitching, neurotic wrecks.

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