May 1st, 2006


Cheese and Another Restless Night

fosteronfilm's email circle--a society of which dude_the and dean13 are members of--has engaged in a long-ranging debate on the merits of various types of cheese lo these last few days, with topics ranging from Roquefort v. Gorgonzola to the politics of the cheese oligarchy to the best place to buy and consume cheese locally and abroad. I, an innocent bystander, have been agog at the heated and impassioned discourse, and the one time I tried to enter into the fray, I was quite roundly dismissed as being a mere cheese aficionado-wannabe. Fine, I sez. I'm going home and taking my brie with me. But I'm now craving cheesecake.

Had another restless night last night. Even disabled the motion detector--we're going through a bit of windy weather, and the holly tree beside it has grown unruly such that its branches are close enough to trigger it if stirred by a strong breeze. This is a slightly different sort of insomnia than I've had before. While I seem to be able to get to sleep, I can't manage to stay that way for more than an hour or two at a stretch. I'm wondering if this bout of sleep dysfunction might be due to the green/black tea blend I've been imbibing recently to boost the Adderall. Switching back to herbal as of today.

Eventually, I headed into the bedroom while Matthew was still working in the living room, hoping a more comfortable napping place would help, and then I got hit by the "it's-dark-I'm-alone-can't-sleep-clown'll-eat-me" jitters. So I called Matthew in to keep me company, and he reassured me that no clowns or other baddies would dare set foot in our house because it's guarded by fairy-types, courtesy our own fey beastie, Hobkin. (Who, while not big on the guard critter front himself, does put in a good word on our behalf.) He then went on to assure me that any boogles or goblins who came visiting would surely only be looking for a cookie, or perhaps a beer, so I needn't fret. I was all safe and secure.

And y'know? That did it. The willies went away, and I was able to get another couple hours of much-needed sleep. I love my husband.


Writing Stuff

- An email from Christopher Cevasco, the editor of Paradox, alerting me of the domain and email addy change of his 'zine. I've had a story under consideration with him for almost five and a half months (167-days), so I took the opportunity to query about it. And, it seems I beat him to the draw. He informed me that he wants to publish "The Archer of the Sun and the Lady of the Moon" in the forthcoming June issue (#9), and the contract will be going out later this week.

*squee!* This is my second sale to Paradox, and I'm delighted to be able to make an encore appearance between those fine pages.

- 54-day "There's a sense of maturity and authenticity in your portrayal of these imperfect people and tangled relationships, and the ending brought tears to my eyes . . . but" rejection from Strange Horizons with an invite to submit again. Sigh. Evoking tears just ain't enough anymore, dangit.