February 27th, 2006


2006 John W. Campbell Award - I'm eligible

I had a bout of free-floating doldrums last night. Experienced an overwhelming and irrational desire to have a meltdown during the story NBC aired before the Olympics Closing Ceremonies on Lt. Vernon J. Baker receiving the Medal of Honor. It was a good story, poignant and thought-provoking, with elements of heart-wrenching, but not the sort of thing that ought to have reduced me to tears.

As it turns out, I did manage to refrain from doing a Chernobyl, although I couldn't pull myself out of my mood. I ended up slumped on the couch, wallowing in my emotional disequilibrium, and then retreating to an early bedtime.

At a loss, fosteronfilm sat on the couch, just holding me (after several failed forays into trying to cheer me up) until I fell asleep. It was the perfect (and only) thing he could have done to help. I have a great hubby.

I seem to be over it now, but it makes me wonder if I'm still dealing with SSRI withdrawal. Or, more worrisomely, if I should consider going back on them.

Stupid brain.


Writing Stuff

I've been putting off checking on my eligibility for the John W. Campbell Award since the eligibility rules changed last year--mostly in a fit of confusion-induced procrastination. But as I was surfing around the other day, I discovered that the nomination deadline was in a week and a half (March 10th), so I bit the bullet and emailed the moderators.

They're being conservative on determining eligibility during the crossover period between old and new rules, so it appears I am indeed eligible this year. I sent them my bio and bibliography to list on their official "Eligible Authors" page. It's unlikely I'll make it on the ballot, especially at this late date, but it's a pretty thought.

Anyone planning on going to WorldCon (L.A.con IV)?

- 38-day pass from Escape Pod on a reprint with invite to send more. Stephen liked it, but didn't think the story was quite right for them. I had some doubts myself, as the story is quite dark and has some tricky tone switches, so I'm not surprised.
- The crits continue to pile up for "Honor is a Game Mortals Play" (thanks basletum!) and I'm officially behind on my Thank You notes.

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