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Writing Stuff:

Wrote a critters critique for one of my favorite regulars (our mutual friend, britzkrieg).

jinzi has already paid me for "Only Springtime When She's Gone." Uber coolness.

Got my first glimpse of the cover art for "Inspirations End/Still My Beating Heart" from Kirk Alberts. It's glorious! Full color art with main colors a rich, blood-red crimson, and a shadowy black. I'm delighted with what he's come up with. Can't wait to hold the finished product in my eager little hands.

Received a pile of review books for Tangent in the mail. I think I'm going to need to clear some space to store all my review material. The current "pile it on any open counter space" isn't working out well. I'm running out of counter space.

21-day "does not suit our present needs" signed reject from Analog.
78-day "It's not at all bad but . . ." with invite to send more from Ellen Datlow at Sci-Fiction. I'm quite pleased with this one as far as rejections go. She also thanked me for taking over Tangent.
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