August 22nd, 2005

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Weekend update and hubby birthday

Whew, what a weekend! Dragon*Con director's meeting on Saturday was good. Did a lot of pow-wowing and gabbing. And Joe, the Con Suite director, plied me with many yummy chocolates. Joe gives me candy and caffeine. I love Joe. But I can't believe how soon the convention is. Prep has ramped into "frantic" mode.

A bit surprised at the lack of swag (sorry, arkhamrefugee, it's looking to be a thin year). The posters have been going straight to the D*C office, but so far the movie companies haven't come through with the t-shirts, baseball caps, and CDs like they did last year. Humph. Glad to have my dining room free, but I liked some of the booty.

Yesterday went to the Georgia Big Pictures "Navigating the Film Festival Circuit" seminar where fosteronfilm sounded off on what film festivals look for in submissions and pimped the DCI Film Fest. terracinque came by, much to my delight, to partake of the seminarie fun. I need to get my hubby out more. He gets such a charge from speaking in public, and I'm a quiet type and don't typically hold up my end of the conversation. If I did what he did, I'd be hoarse and twitching, a total basket case, but he loves it. He's really a born teacher.

And today is my hubby's birthday! Everyone wish fosteronfilm a Happy Birthday! I made a chocolate cream pie, his favorite. And this time when I take the candles out, I will make sure not to drop any on the floor for opportunistic skunks to snarf.

Such a sketchy entry for so much going on, but I don't have time for more. Rush rush rush.


Writing Stuff

As if. I doubt I'll have time for any writing until after the convention. I fell off the Club 100 For Writers bandwagon. Again. Grrr argh. And I've been too busy doing D*C stuff to even fret about it.
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