August 17th, 2005


Blast from the past and Quills

Going out to dinner tonight with a friend of mine from high school. Haven't seen him in decades although we've exchanged emails. It's made me all nostalgic and maudlin. High school was a profoundly significant time for me, where I established the rudimentary basis of my personality and value systems. In many key and essential ways, I haven't changed since then--my most closely-held beliefs and ideals are the same. It was also a time of extreme emotional upheaval and turmoil with extreme lows, balanced by times where I grew into myself, learned who I was and who I wanted to become.


Writing Stuff

I voted in the Quills. If you haven't, you should too. It's a new national book award that includes readers in the award process. I wish there'd been more genre options, but I think it's great to have anything which honors strong writing and good books. Go Vote!
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