July 29th, 2005


Peter Pan

Watched the 2003 re-make of Peter Pan. Surprising myself, I enjoyed it tremendously. They did an excellent job with casting both Wendy and Peter. Both of those young actors are going to grow up to be hotties. I was especially taken with Rachel Hurd-Wood, the actress playing Wendy, both with how lovely she was, as well as her range. And it certainly had more depth than the Disneyfied version. Charming.

Writing Stuff

Matthew first-readered the folktale. He liked it, happily, and pointed out a couple things I'd overlooked, one of which made me giggle. Did a pair of passes, and it's now at first draft and loaded into the Critters queue. It should go up next week. I need to do some crits this week, most definitely.

And now that that folktale is off my plate, my muse is all frisky and pleased with herself.

Muse: "That was fun! Let's do another one."
Me: "Fun? FUN? My idea of fun is not contorting my brain until blood and words appear on the screen."
Muse: "You want some cheese with that whine? Suck it up. You're a writer."
Me: *splutter*
Muse: "What are you waiting for? Type, biotch!"
Me: *sigh* "Yes'm."

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