July 27th, 2005


Paid account go bye-bye

Urg. LiveJournal sent me notification that my paid account is expiring in ten days. I suspect hoping for another visit from the LJ fairy is foolish, so I'm resigned to letting my paid account lapse. Bummer. It's a silly thing, but I like all the paid features like being able to customize the appearance of my blog, and all my pretty user icons. But I really can't rationalize buying myself a paid account when money's so tight. There are decided disadvantages to not having a reliable income.

[Edit: Squee! Thank you, thank you anonymous patron who gifted me with 2 paid months!
Edit2: mouseferatu just bought me 6 paid months! Thank you so much!
Edit3: teflaime just got me 12 paid months as an early Christmas present and sartorias transferred the remainder of her paid account to me! Mwaaa! I love you all! ]

Blackberry pie v3.0 turned out quite well. I was going to take another picture, but it was so bubbly and seductive, it got sliced up and pieces devoured before I could set the camera up.

Writing Stuff

Got an email from Absynthe Muse. They've assigned a mentee to me. I feel all grown up.

New Words: -300
On the folk tale. I hacked off 300 words from the beginning and it's still over 2K. And it's still not even at zero draft yet. I debated whether I should try to keep cutting or plow on ahead. I ended up doing neither and fiddling with my writing logs instead. Cat waxing, anyone?

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