June 20th, 2005

I sleep now

Dragon*Con panels

Getting notes from Dragon*Con track directors (*waves at bevlovesbooks*) with panel requests. It promises to be an extra busy convention this year. I wonder if it's possible for me to go the whole thing without sleeping. Hmm. I suspect that would result in me hallucinating by the time of the Dead Dog party, which might be amusing in its own right, I suppose. 'Course I might start hallucinating and babbling at a panel, which would be less amusing--at least for me. And I suspect my editorial skills would go out the window way before then.

Writing Stuff

New Words: Editing editing editing.
Did several passes on the story up for critique. It's getting there. Feedback continues to be generally positive. A couple folks have commented that they didn't like the flashback I used and would prefer to see things in sequence. Upon some consideration, I think they're right.

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Woohoo!! Just got a call from Stephen Eley, the editor/publisher of Escape Pod. They were running a trivia contest giving away a pair of tickets to the June 23rd Serenity preview. We entered and we won! We're going to see Serenity on Thursday!!

We're going to see Serenity!

Escape Pod rocks, and not just because they're giving us tickets. I downloaded all their podcasts and loved them. My favorite was "Snow Day" written by jenwrites. I'm really hoping to break into this market because I think it would be so cool to get one of my stories turned into a podcast. Go forth and download some excellent mp3 fiction! It's free!

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