May 17th, 2005


Strange Days Indeed

Well, maybe not that strange. Filled my shiny, new prescription for Tramadol yesterday. (Also let them leech off three vials of blood for my regular lab work--the doc checks every six weeks to make sure my liver/kidneys/whatever aren't pitching a fit over the Imuran I take regularly.) I like Tramadol. It's apparently a non-opiate analgesic, also a non-NSAID. I took the first dose and felt a little dizzy, but the wingstub pain was better. It was still there, but it didn't trouble me as much. I took a second one, and that did the trick. Pain free. Although it did have other effects. It seems to have given me a bit of a pep. It's supposed to make me drowsy, but instead it acted as a stimulant. I couldn't sleep.

But, more interestingly, it had an unexpected benefit to my breathing. I don't even bother bringing up the fact that I have trouble breathing with my docs anymore. They've run all the tests they can come up with and can't find any structural cause, so as long as I'm not at risk for asphyxiation, I just deal with it when it pops up. But the Tramadol loosened the tension in my chest, and I was able to take deep, unfettered breaths.

Neat! Tramadol can be habit-forming, so I have to use it sparingly, but I'm well pleased to have something that works. Less pleased with the insomnia, but it's a decent trade off. And it only lasts 4-5 hours, so now that I know it keeps me awake, I can just take it early in the day to avoid that side effect. Theoretically, at least. God, I hope I don't turn out to be allergic to it.

Writing Stuff

Had to do an abrupt about face on Tangent's new "we now review poetry" policy back to "we don't review poetry." Unbeknownst to me, Dave Truesdale is adamantly opposed to reviewing poetry. When he came down on my poetry announcement like a dump truck full of lead, no one could have been more astonished than I. No matter how I argued, cajoled, or raged, he refused to give an iota on his "no poetry" stance. Well, crap. I'm extremely disappointed by this turn of events. I've already notified the editors I'd previous contacted, and of course gardenwaltz, and I'll make an announcement on the newsgroup with the next batch of reviews, but I'm massively bummed at this outcome.

Cranked out a several page writing sample for the corporate recruiter guy and sent it off. It's not exactly fiction, but the effort exhausted me and curtailed any energy I had for working on the novel. It wasn't easy or fun, so I'm giving myself Club 100 credit for it.

Club 100 For Writers
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Interview twitches

So it seems that the corporate recruiter and associated company folks approved of my writing sample. Just got a call. They want me to come in for an interview tomorrow. Gleep.

And yep, there go my anxiety and nervousness levels, right through the ceiling. I think this would be a place I'd like to work at, cubicle-monkey status notwithstanding, which makes the prospect of the interview process even more nerve-wracking.

The first part of the interview will be a design analysis test, which I'm actually relieved about. An analytical challenge will help to soothe my early jitters. Plus, I tend to test well, and I like having the opportunity to prove my ability straight off the bat. But I'm still a bundle of twitches.

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