May 4th, 2005


Writing this week off

Ow. Crap. Sinuses utterly fubarred. Wingstubs hurting. I think it might be best to write this week off as a loss.

Saw The Abominable Dr. Philbes for the first time yesterday. fosteronfilm was astonished I'd never seen it before. I was not nearly as impressed by it as Matthew is. I'm thinking the rose-colored veneer of childhood delight have colored his perceptions. Sure it was surreal and wacky, but it didn't work for me overall. I did like the flying fox bats and the cute, plump rats, but since they were supposed to be perpetrators of horrific death, I don't think I was supposed to go "Awww! Wuzzy widdle cuteness, squee!"

10 min/day
Yoga and ballet, and a few belly dance isolations to start toning my abs. Actually seeing a bit of an improvement already in flexibility.

Writing Stuff

Received a 25-day "a rich tale, but . . . " from Flesh & Blood with invite to submit again.

New Words: 100 on the short story and called it a day. Feeling too crappy to write.

Club 100 For Writers
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