December 4th, 2004


Blade: Trinity and Writing Stuff

Was treated to seeing a prerelease of Blade: Trinity by dire_epiphany, astralfire, and their son Blake on Thursday. Traffic getting to the theater was appalling. It took us an hour and a half to drive there, and under a half hour to drive back. Also felt rather queasy in the car. I think I was actually motion sick from all the accelerating and decelerating. Weird. I don't usually get car sick.

Trinity (spoiler-free) was great fun. There's a dearth in writing, huge plot issues, yadda yadda ya, but it's shiny, and everyone is so pretty! Rawr. Ryan Reynolds's character was the major high point. I think he got all the best lines. I giggled right out loud. And the Pomeranian! The Pomeranian was fantastic! Urg, I can't say any more without giving out spoilers . . . um, LJ cut to the rescue: Collapse )

It was much fun, and then we stood gabbing and catching up in the theater lobby for a long while. A delightful evening, yup.

Writing Stuff:

- My honorable mention certificate from the Writers of the Future folks for "Gifts Not Asked For" except the certificate says "Illustrators of the Future" rather than "Writers." Humph. Going to toss a note to the coordinator, but it's no biggie. I've already got a certificate that says "Writers" for "Running on Two Legs." The variety is, at least, interesting.

- The edits from IROSF for my cyberpunk article! That's a pretty good sign that the publication will continue and that my article will be going up . . . eventually. Whew.

- Six crits so far from Critters on the slipstream piece. It's being well received, although I'm getting flack about the minimalist speculative element. Probably should have put a disclaimer in the author's notes at the bottom that I knew it was borderline mainstream.

- A 17-day "We enjoyed reading this but" from Aeon with a "we look forward to to seeing more submissions from you" to salve the burn. Sigh.
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