November 29th, 2004


Mostly Writing

Definitely feeling better on the emotional front today, which has to be incontrovertible proof that my moods are totally unrelated to external life events as it's Monday-after-a-long-holiday, normally prime time for de-motivation and doldrums. Or maybe it's the Sudafed I've been popping like candy . . .

Writing Stuff:

Received a 146-day reject from Weird Tales with comments indicating they really didn't get the ending. Oh well.

Did a massive edit on my princess fantasy story. Chopped out around 500 words. Now I'm trying to figure out how to count anti-words into the Club 100 and 500/day resolutions I've made.

Still no word from John Frost of IROSF. Glug?

Word count: 548 + (-)500 anti-words.

Club 100 for Writers

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