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September 8th, 2004

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Dragon*Con happened. Haven't fully recovered from it yet. May not for many more days. Oof. My brain feels tenderized. I have bruises that I cannot fully account for, and blisters that I can. Our bedroom looks like the costume fairy exploded in it. Our living room is only marginally better, and only because we had to pick things up off the floor or Hobkin would have been more than happy to investigate them for us. And there are some post-con issues that I'm having to deal with that are not making me happy.

But from what I can pick out of the actual convention blur, it was great! Highlights, or rather those bits I can remember enough to be coherent on:

My panels/guest talk:Collapse )

The Daily Dragon:Collapse )

Panels/Events I actually got to see:Collapse )

Misc People:Collapse )

It was exhausting and insane. I loved it, as I've loved every Dragon*Con I've been to and/or worked at. I really do need a massive hunk o'time to recover, though. But the DD website needs to be updated as pictures and the last few articles come trickling in. I need a vacation to recover from my vacation. Again.

Writing Stuff:

My muse is utterly shell-shocked. Last I checked, she was curled up in a fetal position, rocking back and forth in a corner of the upstairs closet. We'll just let her be alone for a bit . . .

Received the galley proofs from Leading Edge for "Of Two Minds in Lanais" last Thursday. Didn't have time to look it over then, obviously, and every time I've pick it up since D*C, my eyes start blurring. But after a bit of a nap yesterday, I was able to pore over all but he last two pages. So far, aside from a couple tiny things, it's looking pretty good. And from the page numbers, it looks like "Lanais" will be the lead story of the issue! Neat. Plan to finish going over the galleys and email my fixes to the editor tonight.

Also received an eBook copy of Ascendancy of Blood from Nathan of Scrybe Press from Fictionwise.com. My first eBook! For a limited time, buy an eBook of Ascendancy of Blood for $.84! (Normally priced at: $.99--not exactly a bank breaker if you miss the sale.)

And I cannot express my relief that the current Sci-Fiction story is a multi-parter as I haven't exactly had a lot of copious free time to read it and write a review for Tangent. Getting a couple week's breather is all good.
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