August 17th, 2004


Oh, the horror!!

Matthew and I were discussing a horror story in the making last night. With all the boxes in the dining room, Hobkin wouldn't go in there, and seemed to avert his gaze when he had to walk past it. It was almost as though he could sense something evil that we couldn't. Doo do doooo.

Or maybe he was being a big chicken. This morning, he followed me in there when I had to retrieve my lunch bag, so perhaps the evil has departed, or he's had enough time to get his courage up to brave the scary boxes invading his territory.

Pictures of a lazy fluffhead for cuteness sake:

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Writing Stuff:

Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet has had something of mine creeping up now on 100 days. Their stated response times are 1-3 months, and checking both the Black Hole and the Speculations Rumor Mill, my wait time appears to be far out on the bell curve. But it's not a hugely significant outlier. The next longest response I see is 94 days, and I'm at 97. To query or not to query . . .

Sigh. I'll probably give it another couple weeks.