June 5th, 2004


Secretary, Coupling

Matthew and I watched several episodes of Coupling (the BBC one, not the atrocity which was the American adaptation that died quickly--as it should have). And when we were done wiping the laughter tears from our eyes, we watched Secretary.

I totally missed Secretary when it came out in 2002. Despite winning the 2002 "Special Jury Prize for Originality" at Sundance, I hadn't heard much about it.

It's a must-see for happy little BDSMers everywhere. I've thought James Spader was cute, quirky, and a bit sexy from his roles in Stargate and Wolf, but after seeing him in Secretary, ohmygod! He has, in a single bound, jumped up to the top of my drool-fetish-male-fantasy list. *swoon* I must see Sex, Lies, and Videotape now.

Secretary is marketed as a "dark romantic comedy" but I think that's mostly because they didn't know what niche to stick it into. It's a wicked, naughty, sensual movie of power, relationships, and self-affirmation. Better than Story of O. Much. It was absolutely delicious.
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