July 22nd, 2003


Writing update

Words written: 200 Every single letter ripped screaming and kicking from my bleeding fingertips.

Why. Won't. Words. Come? ARGH!

I think it's time to invoke the caffeine gods to slap around my muse.

In better news, the editor of The Quiet Ward sent an email out to all the accepted contributors. The anthology is still on track for debuting at Horrorfind Weekend in August. He asked for a bio, and said the publisher will be sending out contracts right soon. Rah!

I was curious (and totally unable to produce word countage) so I did a little tally to see what my breakdown was in sales by genre category. It's split right down the middle, err tri-section. One third of my sales are Science Fiction, one third Fantasy, and one third Horror, with a dangling Erotic Horror story to keep things interesting.

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